World No Tobacco Day: Why Non-Smokers Worry About Secondhand Smoke

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World No Tobacco Day: Why Non-Smokers Worry About Secondhand Smoke

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"I can't breathe through my nose. I Anyoneสมัครสมาชิกสล็อตwho is staying at home lately, bored, bored, don't know what to do or looking for a way to make extra income In this kind of covid era, it is recommended to apply for SLOTXO membership to play slots xo with BABABA289 AUTO system with us now because this is not just a game to cure boredom. Have fun spinning every day had to breathe through my throat," said Nalinee, a 75-year-old grandmother.

Nalinee is not a smoker, but over the course of her 33 years of marriage, she has been a victim of secondhand smoke. Doctors diagnosed her with cancer in 2010, five years after her husband's death.

“My husband is an avid smoker. I never thought it would affect me. Or will it be this bad? I was worried about his health and told me to quit smoking. But I don't think it can change him.” Nalini, a Hyderabad resident. South India told the BBC.

Which country smokes the most and the least?
increase the price of cigarettes Make people smoke less?
Thailand-Singapore bans, but England proposes hospitals sell e-cigarettes
The World Health Organization (WHO) says cigarettes kill 8 million people a year, of which 1.2 million are exposed to secondhand smoke.

More and more people are in the Life Limiting Conditions. On World No Tobacco Day May 31st, the BBC raised the issue of how secondhand smoke affects people like Nali's case. Nema told me

While Nalini is telling a funny story to Janani The first granddaughter of the family listened. At that moment, she felt that her voice had slowly faded away. She was unable to speak clearly. And then began to suffocate.

Nalinee was diagnosed with lung cancer. Doctors operated on to remove her vocal cords and thyroid gland.

“I lost my ability to communicate. it frustrates me And the doctor told me that I would never get my old voice back.”

"It's full of pipes."
Janani, now 15 years old, still remembers the sudden incident with "Her talkative grandmother."

"When she was diagnosed She wasn't home for a long time.”

"When you come home I was about 4 years old. I saw a tube coming out of her abdomen… full of pipes We had to clean the house often and had a nurse come with us. I don't think I understand the severity of the situation back then. To me, it's just disgusting."

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Re: World No Tobacco Day: Why Non-Smokers Worry About Secondhand Smoke

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